Sam Meech
about me

Performance / intervention using live video feeds / analogue video titlers.

An exploration into the possibilities of re-authorship of the live video stream using old analogue hardware. How can the video titler interrupt and anchor the interpretation of the live events being broadcast? I have introduced the video titler into two events towards the end of 2011.

The first instance was during the broadcast of Brody Condon’s Level Five event, as part of AND Festival. Part role-play, and part 1970s self actualisation conference, Level Five was a one day performance at the Bluecoat Liverpool. As the actors improvised their roles, I used the titler to place text quotes from the day over the video feed being sent to the gallery.

A month later I used the titler as part of the GLTICH KARAOKE event with Mercy and Daniel Rourke / Kyoung Kmi. A live stream of video was sent between simultaneous karaoke events Liverpool and London using skype. I intervened in our broadcast, allowing myself and others to comment on the performances as they happened.

In each case as the event develop, the texts are edited and re-edited through various iterations. The screen-grabs serve both as documents of the interventions and poetic texts in their own right.

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