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Documentary - 11 mins - DV 16:9

Documentary of the March Against The Cuts, 26th March 2011, following a group travelling from Liverpool. Screened as part of the Radical City event at Liverpool Everyman.

The title #March26 comes from the #March26 twitter hashtag that was used for the event – a great way for people to keep each other informed and organised, but also a great source of banter. It also refers to the idea of many marches, as if this is March #26 – one of many to come – a long journey of resistance. As Monk Turner says in the song – “how many marches more?”

Big thanks to the people who took part in the film and give their interviews. And a massive thankyou to Alun and Norma Parry, and Monk Turner, for enabling their songs to be shared and used in the right spirit. Check out their websites – they both have great back catalogues you can download and enjoy.

You can download the whole thing here on under a Creative Commons License. There should be an ipod version up there too. Feel free to use and distribute!

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