Sam Meech
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Interactive video installation, BBC Big Screen, Liverpool - April 2009

The Huge Entity is an interactive installation created specially for the Big Screen as part of MOVES 09. It tracks the movement of the public to create vapor-trails of colour that reflect and distort their journey through the space. The Huge Entity is a giant living wax crayon etching of what we perceive as ‘reality’, in which the people passing through the space are revealing the colour beneath. It highlights the way we navigate around one another and explores the idea that we are not just a being in time, but a being through time.

The piece was launched with a performance intervention by dancer Mary Prestidge and friends, using the installation and the movement of the public to create a new work that looks at elements of flocking, exploring the ways that individuals influence each other within a group. The Huge Entity features reactive soundscapes by composer and soundartist Amos (

The Huge Entity developed from ideas that came to me in 2004, when I was trying to think about how a work or any creative intervention in a public space changes the energy of that space and the people. The title ‘The Huge Entity’ came from a science / philosophy website set up by Daniel Rourke, which featured a number of interesting writings on science and theology, exploring ideas that I always wanted to visualize – the notion of space and time being somewhat malleable, people being connected, the idea of a body as energy. The title also refers to the screen itself – a piece of architectural techology in Liverpool that I’ve always had a strange relationship to.

I initially developed an animation of people leaving coloured footprints through the square, and other people radiating energy, but back then I was unable to develop anything interactive or realtime. Then I discovered Isadora – a realtime programmable video software that was easy to grasp, and very quickly I was able to start making prototypes based on simple video delays. The piece has developed a little in its final form, but not greatly. People look more abstract, more like auras, but it is largely just a series of video delays that are designed to create a thickness in time so that people have to navigate through the trails of others, and so think about their own passage through the square.

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