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Performance with video titlers

Composite is platform for the real-time presentation, annotation and re-combination of ideas.

The Composite Lectures format presents 3 short papers, each lasting about 5 minutes, followed by a final summary of the ideas shared in that session. Since the indivisual talks are annotated on analogue video titlers, the final summary itself becomes an overlaid remix, a video text cut-up.

The title refers in this case the yellow 'composite' phono cable I have used to connect the devices, from the camera, through the daisy-chained video tilters, through to the projector at the end. It is these through these cables and devices that the presentations are relayed visually, annotated, and finally summarized.

Composite 01 was devised by Sam Meech and Nathan Jones, and supported by the Cornerhouse Microcommissions scheme.

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