Sam Meech
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‘A Long Journey (crackle / feedback)’ - Single screen video - 4 mins.
Text by Warwick Ward, images by Pete Bamford and Sam Meech, sounds by Tom Rea Smith

A voice reads out a letter telling of his personal struggle amidst bereavement and addiction. A red glow pulses behind a growing storm of grit and noise. As the storm becomes ever harsher, the glow becomes stronger. The glow and the storm begin to feedback on themselves, becoming enmeshed and amplified towards and inevitable end. Created using simple samples pushed through a state of live video feedback, organically re-incorporated and remixed.

Made as part of ‘The Winter Will Not Last Forever’, a series of soundworks developed by composer Amos on the theme of ‘hope’, and performed at HIVE. This piece is a live stream mix from Isadora and combines video samples from myself and the late great Pete Bamford.

Shown at 'Apocalypse' exhibition - Red Wire Gallery, Liverpool, 2009

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